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About BitBar

BitBar (BTB)

BitBar (BTB)


BitBar is a cryptocurrency designed to be extremely rare and thus hold a larger store of value per unit than conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin.


It is based upon the Novacoin codebase which uses Scrypt as the hashing algorithm and the fast continuous exponential difficulty adjustment/reward of PPCoin. This makes it highly ASIC resistant, meaning specialist mining equipment built into chips is very costly to manufacture efficiently. (thanks mr_random)


* Proof of Stake + Proof of Work (based off of Balthazar’s Novacoin code as well as the RareCoin and Fairnova projects)
* No premine like Novacoin has been accused of having
* Dynamically adjusting difficulty and reward calculation


* Ultra rare
* Is the first altcoin that is trading at a higher value than BitCoin per unit (correct me if I’m wrong)
* Novel “bar” concept — breaks from the “coin” idea. Bar concept holds meaning in people’s heads as inherently more value than “coin”, i.e. “gold bar” vs “gold coin”
BitBar “Premine” allegations

It is always helpful for new coins to be analyzed and vetted out by the community. In doing this, subSTRATA has brought up some potential issues with BitBar’s launch. Let’s break down his allegations and put this to rest.


OLD Bitbar development tree

please go to https://github.com/Crypto-Currency/BitBar for current updates

Based on NovaCoin



you can get an updated list at:Cryptocoinexplorer

Current zip Releases:

  • Please go to http://Bitbar.co for links
  • Linux source - Please goto https://github.com/Crypto-Currency/BitBar

Older Releases:

  • Windows QT - (none yet)
  • Linux source - (none yet)

Bitbar Web Site bitbar.co

BTB Information Thread bitcointalk.org

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