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BottleCaps (CAP)


BottleCaps (CAP)

BottleCaps (CAP)


On July 4th 2014. BottleCaps will hard fork. These changes are:
200% yearly degrading stake, with 1000 coin max reward.
Time drift will move from 2 hours to 15 minutes.
Min/Max stake will move from 30/90 days to 15/45.
Negative time value attack vector plugged.

There are also many updates to the wallet. Including:
Fast connect (IRC has been replaced by seed nodes),
Fast start (QT opens in seconds as compared to mins),
Fast stake (very little gui lag when staking many thousand inputs),
New and upgraded rpc commands,
GUI enhancements, including new wallet menu, on board staking information, clickable icons, and others.

Algorithm: PoW Scrypt with PoS (add 51% resistance with the PoS)
Block Time: 60 seconds
Difficulty: Started at 0.25  with a 4hr Difficulty target time NO INSTAMINE
Reward: 10 coins per block until the end
Block confirmations: 5
No Premine
Default RPC: 8385
Default P2P: 7685

Bottlecaps Foundation
The foundation is setup because well we didn’t premine ANY coins and the starting difficulty of 0.25 prevented any possible instant mining. So bottom line is we have as many coins or less than you do. In order to raise awareness and with that the value of your coin and to promote fair coins in the future please donate what you can in bottlecaps to F2YX4Aiyk9p2WqXHrrGGgVuskTxCGYpaG9

There will be more details about the coin coming shortly but as I have said Ill be listing them on cryptocointalk.org I would say the release window is now in the hours time frame. I can say that its a scaled launch so the first chunks of blocks will be very small and eventually grow to the desired block size much like the digicoin launch. So if your not on bored immediately should be little affect on you.

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