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CampusCoin Project Mission

CampusCoin CMPCO

CampusCoin CMPCO

CampusCoin Project aims to facilitate the economic transition to the blockchain with user-friendly applications and crypto-education.

As blockchain technology sweeps the global economy, the CampusCoin Project is at the forefront of the crypto revolution. As part of our mission, we are spreading awareness of the benefits and uses of digital money and educating people about the blockchain and how to use the technology.


Blockchain technology is simplifying payments and changing how business is conducted. The CampusCoin Project aims to bring the benefits of crypto to college and university campuses.

As a cryptocurrency, CampusCoin offers many advantages over conventional fiat money for members of the campus community: students, their parents, the school administration and, by extension, nearby retailers.

Coin Name: CampusCoin
Ticker Symbol: CMPCO
Max Supply: 1,010,000,000 CMPCO
Total Premine: 200,000,000 CMPCO
Proof: Proof-of-Work (PoW)
Average Block Time: 60 Seconds
Block Reward: 500 CMPCO
Block Halving Rate: 600,000 Blocks
Block Maturation Period: 80 Blocks
Mining Algorithm: Scrypt
Genesis Block Date: July 6, 2017, 16:30 EST

RPC Port: 28199
P2P Port: 28195


– Quick and easy payments from a mobile device
– Secure storage of funds
– Great benefits when joining the Campus Ambassador Program


– Rapid transaction settlement
– Financial tracking/data analysis using the blockchain
– Reduced processing costs


– Fast payment processing and lower costs
– Simplified transaction data tabulation for sales analysis
– Attract student customers who have CMPCO
– Reduction of employee theft


– Send money instantly to your children no matter where they are.
– Save money toward your children’s educational future.
– CampusCoin is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Watch for prepaid CampusCoin cards!

The Campus Ambassador Program will also facilitate university participation in the blockchain to simplify payments and provide an avenue of communication so the CampusCoin Project can build solutions to meet university needs.

Other Bounties:

Other CMPCO bounties are also offered to promote the CampusCoin Project. Join the Discord group to participate and win free coins!


As cryptocurrency spreads around the world, the CampusCoin Project is focused on bringing the advantages of the blockchain to colleges and universities around the world. Our mission is to introduce students, parents, schools and merchants to the advantages of cryptocurrency and the blockchain so that they can learn how to safely use this technology of the future.

CampusCoin Source Code for Wallet Version

rpc port: 28199 net port: 28195

Version Updated interface, Updated Libraries and Security Updates.

Version Block Reward switched from 1500/block to 500/block, set at block 210,000, changes total supply from 2 billion to 1.01 billion.

Version Block Reward switched from 1500/block to 500/block, set at block 100,000, block reward halving changed to every 1 million blocks, changes total supply from 2 billion to 1.2 billion. (Never implemented)

Version Original Wallet, Block Reward set to 1500/block, halving every 600,000 blocks

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