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Community Coin (COMM)

What is CommunityCoin?


Community Coin (COMM)

Community Coin (COMM)

COMMunity Coin is a Proof of Stake Coin. The initial distribution was made to qualified and experienced people in the crypto currency space.  Around 800 million coins remain extant as at 21st April 2014, when the initial distribution finished.

Further distribution is made by means of gifts, bounties and trading in the usual way, and PoS (30% interest in the first year) blocks maintain the network.

WALLET Downloads: (Open SSL Heartbleed Fixed)

The COMMunity works together to increase the utility, and therefore value, by different enhancement/marketing/promotions, as well as technical ideas and progress . Everyone should have a part to play, and varying skills to bring to the table. The advantage of distributing this way is that  Founder Holders are generally experienced in the way CryptoCoins work, and will consequently contribute more to the COMMunity over time.  The COMMunity understands that coins need to be given and earned in the widest possible way to improve adoption.

Proof of Stake is far less energy intensive than Proof of Work (the standard method of generating Cryptos up until now). Under the correct conditions, it creates a more secure network, less prone to attack, and as it matures, provides faster confirmations of transactions.


Pure PoS Coin
– Block time : 60 seconds
– Difficulty retarget : every block
– 3 transaction confirmations
– 50 minted block confirmations
– PoS Minimum Coin Age 1 day

Variable interest , Stake (annualized rate):
Year-1: 30%
Year-2: 20%
Year-3: 10%
Year-4: 5%
Year-5: 2%
Year-6 on-wards : 1% annual stake for maintenance.

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