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CoolCoin (COOL)


CoolCoin (COOL)

CoolCoin (COOL)


– The first year of annual interest 30% afterwards Previous year annual interest 10%.
Block Time: 60 seconds
50 minted block confirmations
CoolCoin: 100,000,000 COOL

Earlier in 2017, I wrote an article about collecting US gold coins by type. This article generated a lot of feedback; some favorable, some not. I was accused of being an elitist by some collectors, mainly because some of the coins discussed in the article are very expensive.

I don’t disagree with this sentiment and to make up for my numis-snobbery, I am going to focus on a shorter, kinder and gentler set which focuses on “cool coins” struck from 1834 through 1933. This eliminates such costly gold types as the 1796 No Stars and 1808 quarter eagles, and the 1879 Flowing Hair Stella while focusing on the more wallet-friendly issues.

I define a “cool” coin as one which has a numismatic or historical association which differentiates it from other issues in the set. It can be a first-year-of-issue or a one-year type. It can be a super low-mintage coin, or a coin struck at a popular branch mint. Often times, a legitimately cool coin can be bought for the same price as a more traditional type coin, and the point of this article is to motivate type collectors to think outside of the box.

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