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CraftCoin (CRC*)

CraftCoin is a minecraft game currency that is portable from server to server.

CraftCoin (CRC*)

CraftCoin (CRC*)

For example: if you are playing a game on server “A” and have earned a large sum of money, but you now want to play on server “B” you can withdraw craftcoin from server “A” to server “B” instantly anywhere in the world. CraftCoin can also be sent player to player from inside the game, and outside of the game as well. The result is that YOU own your currency, in real life, not just in the game. CraftCoin is free for servers and players, to use, and it ALWAYS will be.

Features and benefits
–CraftCoin transfers are instant, both inside the game, and outside of the game.
–There is no charge to use CraftCoin. (regular network fees apply)
–CraftCoin is peer-to-peer and de-centralized.
–No more starting over and grinding to raise up money on a new server.
–Promotes true open markets.
–CraftCoins can be generated or “mined” with your computer in its spare time for free, then deposited onto your favorite server.
–CraftCoin is open source
–If you no longer need your CraftCoins, you can sell them, or give them away.
–Your CraftCoins are always under your control.
–Much much more, CraftCoin has the power to revolutionize Minecraft economies!

Project status

Craftcoin is in fully working order. CraftCoins can be sent, received, and mined right now. CraftCoin is available for Windows, Mac, Debian/Ubuntu, and is open source.

This coin was released to minecraft communities long before it has been announced here. We want the people the coin was really intended for to build up a strong network before we released it to the piranha tank that is btctalk. Yes, there has been premine, that will be going towards funding servers that adopt the currency.

Unfortunately, since jackjack announced his intent to create a coin of the same name, we’ve been forced to announce here earlier than planned. Hopefully things work out well.

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