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SHA256 coins and SHA256 cryptocurrency by algorithm type list: Bitcoin (BTC), BitcoinDark (BTCD), PayCoin (XPY), ACoin (ACOIN), BattleCoin (BCX), Benjamins (BEN), BetaCoin (BET), BitBean (BITB), ZetaCoin (ZET), ByteCoin (BTE), CopperLark (CLR), eMark (DEM), DevCoin (DVC), FireflyCoin (FFC), FireRoosterCoin (FRC), IXcoin (IXC), Cryptsy Mining Contract (MN), MazaCoin (MZC), NoirBits (NRB), NameCoin (NMC), OpenSourceCoin (OSC), Protoshares (PTS*), TakCoin (TAK), TigerCoin (TGC), TitCoin (TIT), TerraCoin (TRC), Umbrella (ULTC), UnbreakableCoin (UNB), Unobtanium (UNO), JouleCoin (XJO), XauCoin (XAU), NuBits (NBT), TekCoin (TEK), Positron (TRON), Neutron (NTRN), Sling Coin (SLING), Sonic Screw Driver Coin (SSD), MaieutiCoin (MMXIV), NeosCoin (NEOS), Unattanium (UNAT), SoonCoin (SOON), XCoin (XCO), Equilibrium Coin (EQM), SkullBuzz (SKB), DarkCrave (DCC), EdgeCoin (EDGE), Cerium (XCE), Anarchists Prime (ACP), DarkTron (DRKT), IncaKoin (NKA), Crown Coin (CRW), Quartz (QTZ), Graviton (GRAV), BitSeeds (XSEED), Credits (CRE), Sprouts (SPRTS), ParkByte (PKB), Emercoin (EMC), I0coin (I0C), EDRCoin (EDRC), DubaiCoin (DBIC), CarpeDiemCoin (DIEM), SARCoin (SAR*), PrismChain (PRM), Phalanx (PXL), Coin (COIN*), Universal Currency (UNIT), Anti Bitcoin (ANTI), BreakoutCoin (BRK), SixEleven (611), SwingCoin (SWING), High Voltage Coin (HVCO), FlavorCoin (FLVR), Revenu (REV), Clinton (CLINT), Clockcoin (CKC), YobitVirtualCoin (YOVI), SharkCoin (SAK), XDE II (XDE2), GenesysCoin (GSY), TrollTokens (TKN*), Kraken (KRAK), World Gold Coin (WGC), ExaByte (EXB) (EXB), Fusion (FSN), CovenCoin (COV*), BitTokens (BXT), ZayedCoin (ZYD), 808 (808), FonzieCoin (FONZ), Save and Gain (SANDG), DollarCoin (DLC), Mind Gene (MG), RCoin (RCN*), EmiratesGoldCoin (EMIGR), Vaporcoin (VAPOR), CaliphCoin (CALC), LeaCoin (LEA), Californium (CF), Vertex (VTX), Community Coin (COC), CashOut (CSH), Midnight (MDT), PlatiniumCoin (PNC), Eurocoin (EUC), Kernalcoin (KC), AnalCoin (ANAL), PXcoin (PX), PentaCoin (PTA), AcidCoin (ACID), BitBoss (BOSS), Ghost Coin (SPKTR), Internet of People (IOP), LePenCoin (LEPEN), Alexandrite (ALEX), EagleCoin (EA), Pascal Lite (PASL), Cubits (QBT), Dark (DARK), ProCurrency (PROC), ILCoin (ILC), Prizm (PZM), C-Bits (XCT), MilkCoin (MUU), Ultimate Secure Cash (USC), ATB coin (ATB), Bogcoin (BOG), BitcoinCash (BCH), Ar.cash (AR*), Z2 Coin (Z2), Experience Points (XP), ILCoin Token (ILCT), Theresa May Coin (MAY), Infinity Economics (XIN), Insta Cash Coin (ICC), Neuro (NRO), GlobalToken (GLT), Super Bitcoin (SBTC), CHIPS (CHIPS), HTML Coin (HTML), World Crypto Gold (WCG), UnitedBitcoin (UBTC), Shacoin (SHA), Crave-NG (CRAVE*), Bitcoin Atom (BCA), Credence Coin (CRDNC), ALTcoin (ALT), UniversalRoyalCoin (UNRC), LitecoinCash (LCC), Manna (MANNA)

MULTI.ASICPOOL.org – NEW Asic Pool ! MultiPool, MultiAlgo, autoexchange, 0.25% fee

About Asic Pool – AsicPool.Org ASIC POOL – Welcome to the newest multi mining pool MULTI.ASICPOOL.COM We present you our multi mining pool that is based on yiimp and designed for ASIC miners. Asic pool’s are groups of cooperating miners who agree to share block rewards in proportion to their contributed mining hash power. Pool has autoexchange in BTC, scrypt algorithms, prompt support, frequent payouts. Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators & Profitability …Read More

DigiByte Coin (DGB) | DigiByte Pool | DigiByte Wallet

About DigiByte DigiByte (DGB) is a rapidly growing worldwide decentralized payment network & digital currency, inspired by Bitcoin. DGB allows you to move money over the internet similar to PayPal & Western Union but with many improvements, including lightning fast transactions with minimal or no fees.   DGB is a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized blockchain. DGB are digital assets that cannot be destroyed, counterfeited or hacked, making them ideal …Read More

DigitalCoin (DGC) Multi-algorithm, Improved Blockchain Storage

DigitalCoin (DGC)   Digitalcoin (DGC) is an established cryptographic currency with a transparent history. The Digitalcoin Developer Network and its committed team ensures network stability and health through evolving policies, best practices and open-ended testing. To date, DGC remains one of the most fair, and well distributed forks of the original Bitcoin software. Digitalcoin is an open-source cryptocurrency focused on transparency and reliability. No pre-mine or insta-mine, and block rewards are …Read More