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X11 coins and X11 cryptocurrency by algorithm type list: DigitalCash (DASH), CraigsCoin (CRAIG), Bitstake (XBS), GiveCoin (GIVE), Spreadcoin (SPR), Insanity Coin (WOLF), 2015 coin (2015), BlueCoin (BLU), LimeCoinX (LIMX), CannabisCoin (CANN), ConcealCoin (CNL), CrackCoin (CRACK), CryptCoin (CRYPT), DarkCash (DRKC), Fuel2Coin (FC2), FractalCoin (FRAC), GlyphCoin (GLYPH), GuerillaCoin (GUE), Hyperstake (HYP), IOCoin (IOC), JumBucks Coin (JBS), LitecoinX (LTCX), LibrexCoin (LXC), Minerals Coin (MIN), MysteryCoin (MYST*), SuperCoin (SUPER), SyncCoin (SYNC), TorCoin (TOR), UroCoin (URO), VidioCoin (VDO), VootCoin (VOOT), SapienceCoin (XAI), X11 Coin (XC), LibertyCoin (XLB), ZiftrCoin (ZRC*), StartCoin (START), AmberCoin (AMBER), NakomotoDark (NKT), MasterTraderCoin (MTR), Boolberry (BBR), Social Media Coin (SMAC), TruckCoin (TRK), Ucoin (U), GSM Coin (GSM), GigCoin (GIG), PinkCoin (PINK), ChildCoin (CHILD), ROS Coin (ROS), GAIA Platform (GAIA), TrustPlus (TRUST), ConSpiracy Coin (CYC), Camcoin (CAM), ICASH (ICASH), MarsCoin (MRS), IslaCoin (ISL), Quicksilver coin (QSLV), DeOxyRibose (XNA), CryptoFocus (FCS), EagsCoin (EAGS), MultiWallet Coin (MWC), MarsCoin (MARS), Megastake (XMS), BitcoinTX (BTX*), BitLux (LUX*), MorpheusCoin (MRP), Creva Coin (CREVA), Forever Coin (XFC), BowsCoin (BSC), Squall Coin (SQL), Piggy Coin (PIGGY), Milllionaire Coin (MIL), GoldPieces (GP), Chip (CHIP), UnCoin (UNC), Synergy (SNRG), MapCoin (MAPC), Transfer (TX), BitStone (BST), Prime-X1 (PXI), CapriCoin (CPC), MindCoin (MND), Hitcoin (HTC), Influxcoin (INFX), SunShotCoin (SSTC), Adzcoin (ADZ), EuropeCoin (ERC), Pepe (MEME), DragonSphere (XDB), ColossusCoinXT (COLX), AcesCoin (AEC), Cygnus (CYG), LGBTQoin (LGBTQ), BolivarCoin (BOLI), GIZMOcoin (GIZ), Dark Lisk (DISK), SecretCoin (SCRT), Ratecoin (XRA), WMCoin (WMC), PabyosiCoin (PBC), Obscurebay (OBS), InceptionCoin (INCP), EvilCoin (EVIL), BitSend (BSD*), PizzaCoin (PIZZA), Lutetium Coin (LC), GoldBlocks (GB), Syndicate (SYNX), E-Dinar Coin (EDR), WayCoin (WAY), Autumncoin (ATM*), Save The Ocean (STO), FuturePoints (FTP), Tellurion (TELL), MustangCoin (MST), DickCoin (DCK), B3 Coin (B3), Pioneershares (PIO), PROUD Money (PROUD), PSIcoin (PSI), Beats (XBTS), Fitcoin (FIT), SportsCoin (SPORT), Halloween Coin (HALLO), Invictus (INV), OlympCoin (OLYMP), JobsCoin (JOBS), DogeGoreCoin (DGORE), CrankCoin (CRNK), BlackShadowCoin (BS), BrainCoin (BRAIN), KRCoin (KRC), BigLifeCoin (LFC), PeaceCoin (PEC), 32Bitcoin (32BIT), AndromedaCoin (AND), Pabyosi Coin (PCS), InflationCoin (IFLT), WashingtonCoin (WASH), InsaneCoin (INSANE), EtherDoge (DOGETH), 365Coin (365), BosonCoin (BOSON), ArtexCoin (ATX), DollarOnline (DLR), XenixCoin (XEN), iWallet (IW), Kurrent (KURT), Eternity (ENT), Stakenet (XSN (1), BAM (BAM), Blackstar (BSTAR), Enigma (XNG), LookCoin (LOOK), MIScoin (MIS), WorldPay (WOP), InCoin (IN), OptionCoin (OPTION), Quebecoin (QBC), ReturnCoin (RNC), TwisterCoin (TWIST), PayPeer (PAYP), DarkEther (DETH), CryptoPennies (CRPS), NeptuneClassic (NTCC), KushCoin (KUSH), Eryllium (ERY), BitzCoin (BTZ), MarijuanaCoin (MAR), MarxCoin (MARX), PacCoin ($PAC), JaneCoin (JANE), MasterMint (MM), NinjaDoge (NDOGE), United Arab Emirates Coin (UAEC), StalinCoin (STALIN), VaultCoin (VLTC), BnrtxCoin (BNX), VirtacoinPlus (XVP), Impact (IMX), Boats and Bitches (BNB*), HappyCoin (HPC), EmporiumCoin (EMPC), Condensate (RAIN), WeAreSatoshi (WSX), Centurion (CNT), GoldReserve (XGR), ZSEcoin (ZSE), TappingCoin (TAP), Insane Coin (INSN), DigitalPrice (DP), Octanox (OTX), ArcticCoin (ARC), BeachCoin (SAND), DAS (DAS), Onix (ONX), Cream (CRM), Monoeci (XMCC), WRTcoin (WRT), Regalcoin (REC), Elements (ELM), Extreme Sportsbook (XSB), Pure (PURE), Pura (PURA), Castle (CSTL), Magnet (MAG), AC3 (AC3), PhantomX (PNX), HomeBlockCoin (HBC), Sucre (SUCR), PolisPay (POLIS), Monkey Project (MONK), KZCash (KZC), Pioneer Coin (PCOIN), Tao (XTO), NeedleCoin (NDC*), BitSoar Coin (BSR), Pirate Blocks (SKULL), B3Coin (KB3), Compound Coin (COMP), DigiFel (DIGIF), DigiMoney (DGM), Crypto Improvement Fund (CIF), Pushi (PUSHI), Curium (CRU), MoneyBag (MNB), FuturoCoin (FTO)

Asic Pool | Asic multi pool | Multi Pool Hub

About Asic Pool – AsicPool.Org Asic pool’s are groups of cooperating miners who agree to share block rewards in proportion to their contributed mining hash power. While mining asic pools are desirable to the average miner as they smooth out rewards and make them more predictable, they unfortunately concentrate power to the mining  asic pool’s owner. Miners can, however, choose to redirect their hashing power to a different mining asic …Read More

DigitalCoin (DGC) Multi-algorithm, Improved Blockchain Storage

DigitalCoin (DGC)   Digitalcoin (DGC) is an established cryptographic currency with a transparent history. The Digitalcoin Developer Network and its committed team ensures network stability and health through evolving policies, best practices and open-ended testing. To date, DGC remains one of the most fair, and well distributed forks of the original Bitcoin software. Digitalcoin is an open-source cryptocurrency focused on transparency and reliability. No pre-mine or insta-mine, and block rewards are …Read More