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CryptoBullion (CBX)


CryptoBullion (CBX)

CryptoBullion (CBX)


Bullion (CBX) is the cryptocurrency that has all the right specifications for investment: Quick 65 second blocks for fast transactions, CBX is 100% Proof-of-Stake providing Green energy efficiency, there are approximately 1 million CBX in circulation with new coin generation (inflation) maintained at a healthy yearly 2% however interest earnings to investors who run the CBX Vault are closer to 6-12% per year (see info below regarding CBX’ original PoSP algorithm that makes this possible).  The thing that is the most valuable though, is CBX’s dev team which has been developing it since 2013.




Proof of Stake Participation (PoSP) – Dec 31, 2015

• 65 Second block time

• Staking eligibility after 1 hour

• Variable Annual compound interest earned via PoSP (6%-12% on average)

• 2% Annual inflation

• Approximately 1 million CBX in circulation

• Year-long inflationary distribution stage completed on July 13, 2014

• Proof of Work completed on January 1, 2016

PoSP (the brainchild of the CBX dev team) is the first of its kind, Proof-of-Stake algorithm that the CBX network uses as fuel, i.e. generate new blocks.  This algorithm is what makes our unique network secure and well maintained, as CBX stake owners are rewarded for their participation in this task. Creating a truly decentralized network securing algorithm is an important decision that many popular new coins seem to take lightly. PoSP provides excellent solutions in efficiency, decentralization and economic value.

Earning CBX by staking is of course entirely optional. To earn rewards or “stake” and participate in the CBX network (and get rewarded for it), all a CBX holder needs to do is to own some CBX and keep their CBX Vault Software running on their PC and in staking mode: i.e. either unlocked or unlocked for staking.  Because participating in the PoSP program is optional, people who opt to not participate give up their potential gains to those who do help in securing the network: this translates into rewards that outpace inflation by a multiple of 3-6 for you, if you choose to participate, as many opt not to participate for varied reasons (CBX held at exchanges, cold wallets, etc).

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