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DataSaver Coin is the representative cryptocurrency of the DataSaver Network


DataSaver Coin

DataSaver Coin

What is DataSaverCoin?

DataSaverCoin is a crowd-sourced database of shared (public and private) wireless (Wi-Fi) networks. The database is shared globally and can be accessed through the DataSaver Mobile Application, Website, or API.
DataSaverCoin is the cryptocurrency used on the DataSaver app to pay for premium Internet packages.

DataSaverCoin will be the currency used on the DataSaver Network.

DataSaverCoins are used:

To reward the network owner for sharing a private network.
To gain access to “paid” networks.
To pay for enhanced speed.
To pay for data caps if applicable.
There are Four Types of Coin Holders:

Investors: Bought coins from an exchange to sell at a later date.
Clients: Users of the platform and network.
DataNodes: Contributors of the network. (*must hold x amount of coins
and have x amount of points/score)
Developers: The people that created and maintain this platform. Paid in

Algorithm : scrypt (CPU/GPU Mineable)
Max Supply : 500,000,000 DSC
Pre-mine : 25,000,000 DSC (5%)


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