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Einsteinium Coin (EMC2) FUNDING THE FUTURE

What is the purpose of Einsteinium?

Einsteinium (EMC2)

Einsteinium (EMC2)

The purpose of Einsteinium is to finance scientific research. Investments in research projects are to be made on the basis of community decisions.
In addition, it should be ensured that a large user group uses the Einsteinium coin, so that free use is obligatory.
Einsteinium hopes that the coins will be well accepted due to their donation character.
To promote science, 2% of the coins extracted from mining are donated to research projects. Einsteinium’s mining was divided into so-called epochs, which each consisted of 36,000 blocks and was to last for about 25 days.


After these 25 days, the community will determine the next research project to be funded by Einsteinium.
Like Bitcoin, EMC2 also uses a Perr-2 peer system. In addition, EMC2 has implemented a wormhole technology, which is to appear randomly in every era.
A wormhole remains for 180 blocks and is assigned 2,973 coins for each block that is loosened.

Which company is behind the Einsteinium Coin crypto currency?

EMC2 was developed by the Einsteinium Foundation. On 7 April 2017, the Foundation was registered as a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Montreal.
The EMC2 Foundation is the first non-profit organization founded within the framework of cryptocurrencies and hopes to establish close ties with other non-profit organizations with the central goal of advancing science.


We believe transparency creates better fundraising systems. By reducing waste and eliminating corruption, EMC2 will enable the global community to efficiently and securely support scientific research, charitable and political causes, as well as education and IT.

Open source

As a member of the Bitcoin family, we are committed to the open source world, and improvement of core code functionalities. We believe in the transformative power of open source to eliminate income inequality, destroy corruption, break down barriers and build global communities.


A core value of the EMC2 Foundation is education. We are dedicated to sharing our ideas openly with others. One of our most vital goals is to increase knowledge and awareness and to support new talents in the blockchain ecosystem. We welcome all to participate in building a better future.

The Einsteinium Foundation has a mission to raise funds for scientific research, our mining tax creates a pool of funds that provide grants to deserving applicants. Recently we integrated crowd funding into the process to likely enable the grant beneficiary to receive more funds than we could immediately supply. This enables us to market the project, our coin, our sponsor items, and the benefits of cryptocurrency to a wider audience.So far the Foundation has contributed 16M of EMC2 coins for science projects.



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