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Friendship Coin (FSC2) | Friendship Coin Wallet and Pool

Friendship Coin (FSC2) is like peeing your pants.

Friendship Coin FSC2

Friendship Coin FSC2

Friendship Coin is a Scrypt Based P2P Digital Currency with Proof of Stake

Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth. We want to spread the love one small blockchain transaction at a time. Lets put a new currency to work for the world.


Friendship Coin 2 is the next iteration of the tried and true FriendshipCoin.  We have created a new coin with much less total money, Proof of Stake, Stealth Addresses, and some other new features on the way.

Safe and secure

Quick and easy private transactions with darkmix sending, and fast transaction times. Friendship Coin represents the latest in blockchain tech.

Proof of Stake

Friendship Coin launches with a short Proof of Work stage, and then smoothly transitions to a Proof of Stake only blockchain, preventing wasted energy.

Expert support

Our developers are exprienced in blockchain technology and hope to bring it to new heights for all the world to see.

– Android Wallet with PoS.  You will be able to store your FSC2 in your Android wallet AND collect PoS earnings
– Web Wallet with PoS and SMS.  We will be launching a web based wallet with PoS earnings and the ability to send/receive FSC2 with SMS Text Messages.
– Accept FSC2 on your website.  Part of our plan is to make it simple for websites to accept FSC2.  We will be providing websites with some simple JavaScript code to allow them to accept FSC2 simply and easily.
– More Games!  We are working on a new kind of game to play with FSC2 that is different than your normal Dice or Casino games.  It will be fast paced and you will be able to win as much as you want!
– Contests / Giveaways / Faucets – We are working on some ways to get more FSC2 into the community.

PoW algorithm: Scrypt
1 minute block targets
PoW Block Reward 100 FSC2
PoW ends after block 3600
20,000,000 total coins
10% Per Year earnings on PoS
Min PoS time (Stake age): 1 hour
Max PoS Stake age: unlimited
RPC Port 36286
P2P Port 36285


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