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GOODCoin Goals

GoodCoin GOOD

GoodCoin GOOD

The first statement will be that there is still some good left in this world. We plan on doing that by showing that a coin with 51% premine and not a scam CAN exist! I will personally be giving away or feeding faucets, if I have to, until ALL coins are paid out! Rain or shine! If my net goes down, I’ll use my neighbors’! If he says no, I’ll hack his WIFI! (j/k, I’ll use McDonalds) Of course, this also means you will have an active dev. I want to show the world there is also value in honesty and effort.

The second statement will be that although these coins are digital, they can have an effect on our real, physical world. We plan on doing this by showing the many different ways a coin can be used. The exact details of this will become apparent to some eventually, but for now will be left at that in order to maintain our competitive advantage.

The third statement will be that the community cumulatively decides where a coin goes. We plan on accentuating this by putting many decisions the coin must make in the future up to a vote. Do we want to donate 10,000 GOODs to the Red Cross or this Nigerian Prince so he can get home? He promises to pay us back double! Buy a billboard ad or hire a sign spinner? Each vote will cost 1 GOOD. Everyone has an opinion, some try to force it upon others. This will put a cost to it.

GoodCoin official development tree

GoodCoin is a Pow/PoS-based cryptocurrency based on blackcoin and ppcoin.


-New wallet design -fixed reward display amounts


-fix early end of POW mining -POW mining jump set at block 19295 -added new goodcoin logos -fixed goodcoin translations


-Added goodcoin reward system -Added goodcoin node -Added goodcoin logos -minimum stake weight changed to 8 hours -coin maturity set at 100 + 10 blocks

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