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About iDealCash


iDealCash DEAL

iDealCash DEAL


iDealCash [DEAL] is an open-source community-driven cryptocurrency project that features transaction speeds that are over 1000 times faster than Bitcoin.

At the heart of DEAL is a blockchain that is based on the technology found in BlackCoin and NovaCoin featuring fast and secure transactions, incredibly low transaction fees and Proof-of-Stake [PoS], allowing you to grow your investment by up to 30% each year!

The main goal of DEAL is for it to become the main way in which we transact value in the cryptocurrency community. We have taken the positives and improved on the negatives of the cryptocurrencies that came before us.


What makes DEAL special is our ever-growing community. Every day, more and more people see what we see in DEAL and want to play a part in its evolution. They believe in the vision, in our vision, in the vision of all those involved in cryptocurrencies, but with one key difference, they believe DEAL will be the project that will help realize this vision.

(DEAL) Is Pure Proof-of-Stake! Only the first 10,000 PoW blocks were mined to start the initial minting process!
Instead of PoW, user’s can utilize the PoS (Proof-Of-Stake) mechanism on their wallets to earn (DEAL) coins!
We want DEAL to become the primary coin that the world uses to transact value and material goods.
We are aiming for mass adoption and to achieve this we must create products that embed DEAL  into our daily lives. We are working on technologies that will enable us to enter this space.

We want our vision to be your vision and we want to ensure that you, the community, are part of the future that DEAL is destined to bring to this world

IdealCash (DEAL) 2018

Building idealcash (DEAL)

See doc/readme-qt.rst for instructions on building idealcash QT, the intended-for-end-users, nice-graphical-interface, reference implementation of idealcash.

See doc/build-*.txt for instructions on building idealcashd, the intended-for-services, no-graphical-interface, reference

implementation of idealcash.


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