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What is LEOcoin?



LEOcoin (LEO) is a peer-to-peer digital currency and open source software project. LEOcoin creation and transfer is based on an open source protocol and is not managed by any central authority.


The new LEO Upgrade brings a new world of technology to the blockchain and adds new features to LEO . These new features mean that there are things that LEO wallets can now do, that do not exist in any digital currency in the world. The LEO Upgrade is a leap forward for how people can use Digital Currency.

Technical information about LEOcoin

LEO in 2014 started as an altered version of Litecoin and for two years used scrypt-Jane as a proof-of-work (POW) and proof-of-stake (POS) algorithm with a modified nFactor. In July 2016 LEO switched to a sole proof-of-stake procedure. Under PoS users are asked to prove ownership of a certain stack of LEO . This makes the LEO network more secure and over time creates new LEO without consuming large amounts of energy.

In the summer of 2017 LEO moved to a technically improved chain. The LEO blockchain uses the X11 hashing algorithm and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) as a coin creation mechanism. Further specifications:

• Total coinage: 1 billion coin cap.
• Ticker: LEO
• Block time: 1 minute
• Difficulty retarget 15 blocks
• Stake Interest: 10-20%
• Staking time: 60 blocks
• Minimum Stake Age, 24 hours, One Year Max age
• LEOcoin source code (GitHub) https://github.com/Leocoin-project/LEOcoin

For the LEO distribution, please read: http://www.leocoinfoundation.org/LEOcoinDistribution.aspx

User information regarding LEO

• open for all to stake
• can be exchanged for cc & fiat currency (BTC, USD, GBP, EUR)
• pseudonymous
• secure
• user friendly
• part of a growing community of entrepreneurs

PoS – Approximate annual percentage reward

• Wallets with a balance under 1,000 LEO get minimal stake (if any)
• Wallets with a balance from 1,000-4,999 LEO get 10% annual stake interest
• Wallets with a balance from 5,000-49,999 LEO get 15% annual stake interest
• Wallets with a balance over 50,000 LEO get 20% annual stake interest

LEOcoin Logo


The LEOcoin Project is a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, created under an open source license, featuring a built-in cryptocurrency, end-to-end encrypted messaging and decentralized marketplace. The decentralized network aims to provide anonymity and privacy for everyone through a simple user-friendly interface by taking care of all the advanced cryptography in the background.

Development process

Developers work in their own trees, then submit pull requests when they think their feature or bug fix is ready.

The patch will be accepted if there is broad consensus that it is a good thing. Developers should expect to rework and resubmit patches if they don't match the project's coding conventions (see coding.txt) or are controversial.

The master branch is regularly built and tested, but is not guaranteed to be completely stable. Tags are regularly created to indicate new stable release versions of LEOcoin.

Feature branches are created when there are major new features being worked on by several people.

From time to time a pull request will become outdated. If this occurs, and the pull is no longer automatically mergeable; a comment on the pull will be used to issue a warning of closure. The pull will be closed 15 days after the warning if action is not taken by the author. Pull requests closed in this manner will have their corresponding issue labeled 'stagnant'.

Issues with no commits will be given a similar warning, and closed after 15 days from their last activity. Issues closed in this manner will be labeled 'stale'.

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