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Monero Original (XMO)

Monero Original (XMO)

Monero Original (XMO)

Monero Original (XMO)

Monero Original (XMO) is the result of a hard fork from Monero (XMR) after the core Monero project deciding to undergo a hard fork against ASICs.

Monero Original XMO brings diversity to the crypto world, keeping the initial promise of Monero as the most confidential and untraceable coin. Miners, partners, and users benefit from freedom of choice, diversity and strong community behind the Monero Original.

Step into the future with us and feel the taste of the ultimate growth, mass adoption of significant innovations and decentralized formation.

Monero Original (XMO) is a hard fork of Monero (XMR), announced on 29th March. Part of Monero’s development is that it hard-forks every 6 months, this is completely normal so not a surprise. After one of these scheduled hard-forks Monero retains the ticker symbol ‘XMR’ as well as the upgrades from the hard-fork; on the 6th April hard-fork it had changes including resistance to Cryptonight ASIC miners. If people disagree with these hard-forks, they can create their own versions of Monero. The strong financial incentives against this hard-fork, resulted in 4 different entities that each has created versions of Monero that still support ASIC miners, with their own new ticker symbols:

Monero (XMR), the coin supported by the core Monero development team
Monero Original (XMO), announced on 29th March
Monero 0 (ZMR), shared on Reddit on 31st March 2018
MoneroClassic (XMC), first Tweet on 4th April 2018
Monero-Classic (XMC), first Tweet on 5th April 2018

The Monero Original project has a GitHub, and it sent press releases to several outlets. This press release includes a statement from the “lead developer of Monero Original team”:

“Monero has always been about freedom of choice, about diversity and about the strong community behind it. We are providing the Monero fans [with] a possibility to support the iconic coin and stay on the original chain. Monero Original team stands for diversity, which is a logical marker of evolution. We are excited to see our favourite coin mature, and we are even more excited to help [in] keeping this diversity.”

Monero means anonymity.

Monero means untraceability.

Monero means people.

We are Monero.

We are working to keep the original blockchain running. Join us on our quest.


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