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NewYorkCoin NYC

NewYorkCoin NYC

NewYorkCoin (NYC) had a very similar beginning to it’s older brother bitcoin in that the original developer of NewYorkCoin github nycoin/nycoin literally disappeared at launch. NYC is the only other true cryptocurrency besides Bitcoin that has an unknown developer that disappeared at launch, whose identity remains unknown to date and has never been heard from since launching coin.

The original github account for NewYorkCoin has never been modified since creation. The original ‘nycoin’ code is open-source and viewable to the public at github code repository. NewYorkCoin (NYC) is a completely fair launch coin with no pre-mine or holdbacks, easy low difficulty mining and no network fees to send and receive lightning-fast transactions.

Here is the full story of NewYorkCoin.

NewYorkCoin launched on March 6th, 2014. Original developer has never communicated with anyone (to my knowledge) since NewYorkCoin was launched with minimum fanfare. Only 1 tweet (https://twitter.com/NewYorkCoin), 2 facebook posts (https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkCoin-586472044777456/) and 12 posts on bitcointalk forum (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=499842.0) in original “New York Coin LAUNCHED” announcement forum with last activity being March 7th, 2014. NYC was launched at a time when New York regulators were going hard after bitcoin startups and prosecuting the founder of Bit-Instant. NYC launched one of the most usable cryptocurrencies available with NO NETWORK FEES (tired of Bitcoin’s high fees?), 30-second confirmations (using KGW which quickens that confirmation time as mining hash is increasing!), easy low difficulty mining (7 gh/s from virtually nothing brings difficulty up to about 100 temporarily), fair launch (initial blocks are all viewable on NYC explorer), scrypt proof-of-work. Sound good? Almost too good to be true! Early miners noticed these amazing specs as well and a small worldwide group of NYC supporters have loyally kept the newyorkc network processing transactions steadily for almost 4 years now.

I created the website newyorkco.in after no responses from numerous original developer contact attempts, no updating to original nycoin.net website or social media accounts, no posts on bitcointalk forum, NOTHING ever again from original NYC developer. I started facebook and twitter for NewYorkCoin after originals went dormant with no activity. Another early NYC miner started Coinsprofit mining pool which was the original official mining pool for NewYorkCoin. The original website (which actually incorrectly listed max coin supply at 10B NYC) was never updated and stayed original until hosting expired. Eventually the domain name expired as well and re-entered domain registry. Having family obligations, I stepped away from NewYorkCoin for a while. Newyorkco.in eventually expired and was re-registered by an unrelated party to this project. A small group of dedicated miners kept her torch lit in my absence and the network performed exactly as it should have. Processing transactions every 30-seconds without fail for 3+ years now.

A very small crypto-exchange (Coingather) listed it and mined it as well. That exchange has since disappeared from existence. The original paper wallet website disappeared. The mining pools that originally supported NYC have since disappeared. Many of the original posters and supporters from 3+ years ago from bitcointalk forum have disappeared as well. Likely THE VAST MAJORITY of NewYorkCoin listed as “Circulating Supply” have disappeared too! I would guess that LESS THAN 1/2 actually remain in existance. IF that many! Files get deleted, computers get replaced, backup usb drives get lost or written over. Especially for a coin that had no liquidity and virtually no value for years. Or even a website. Which has been the story of NYC for the past couple of years. I registered nycoin.net in the summer of 2017 and sent out the alarm for NYC supporters on bitcointalk forum. NYC supporters answered the call and added nodes, got 2 mining pools up and running, created a working block explorer for NYC, we refreshed her image and here we are.

NYC is and always will be an ORIGINAL TRUE CRYPTOCURRENCY. Coinmarketcap, Github, block explorer, core wallet. THE REAL DEAL. And an original with a hip image representing THE FAST PACE of the financial capital of the world. Offering worldwide lightning-fast transactions with no fees. Named after the one and only NYC! And just as usable in Berlin or Tokyo or San Francisco as it is in New York City! NYC is simply more usable than Bitcoin. NYC is much faster to send/receive/confirm transactions. NYC is cheaper to use than Bitcoin. NO FEES to use newyorkc network! And NYC has a proven blockchain – churning out transactions every 30 seconds since 2014 with minimum support.

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What is NewYorkCoin?

NewYorkCoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, although it does not use SHA256 as its proof of work (POW). Taking development cues from Dogecoin and Litecoin, NewYorkCoin is build to be cryptocurrency solution for inexpensive global value transmission



NewYorkCoin is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT.

Development and contributions

Development is ongoing, and the development team, as well as other volunteers, can freely work in their own github branch and submit pull requests when features or bug fixes are ready.

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