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OmiseGO Classic (OMGC) | OmiseGO Classic Wallet and Pool

OmiseGO Classic Project:

OmiseGO Classic OMGC

OmiseGO Classic OMGC

Our team has a vision of a coin that is shaped by the community for the community. Instead of deciding how the project will unfold behind closed doors, OmiseGO Classic will rely on transparency and community involvement in the decision-making process. Our team is developing a comprehensive rewards and bounty program that will award every contributor.




Coin Info:

The coin will start as a PoW/PoS coin, we will continue to develop the coin to add more features according to our project’s roadmap and community feedback.

Algorithm: Scrypt
Total Supply: 70,000,000
Premine Percent: ≈70% (49,000,000+)
Block Reward: 50 coins
Coinbase maturity: 20 blocks
Transaction confirmation: 6 blocks

PoS percentage: 15% per year
PoW Difficulty: 0.00024414
PoS Difficulty: 0.00024414
Last PoW block: Block #10000


30% Airdrops – see below for more details
40% Community contributors(Translation, Exchanges, Social Media, & Other significant contributions)
10% Lottery program
10% Development team
10% Marketing purposes


The OmiseGO Classic (OMGC) project roadmap is dynamic, always changing and adapting to the community. The list below highlights a selection of important milestones that we as a development team have set up for the project to achieve. These goals will helps us reach the community-oriented success we are looking for:

  • Implementation of bounty and rewards program.
  • Release wallets & blockchain explorer for Windows, Linux, & macOS.
  • Release the coin to exchanges – We will be listed on the following exchanges: Coinexchange, Poloniex, Cryptopia, & Bittrex.
  • Whitepaper – It is very important that the community have a complete understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of the coin. We will be posting the whitepaper link in the appropriate section soon.
  • Development and implementation of a community-based voting/polling mechanism.
  • Implementation of masternodes– We believe that masternodes are the best technology to guarantee the currency’s health and value by incentivising long-term investments and enhancing privacy.
  • Update coin and wallet with enhanced features and private send capability– The next phase of OMGC will be the implementation potent privacy and anonymity features directly into the coin’s PoS algorithm. The OMGC wallet will also be updated to accommodate the new features.


⚠️ This is not OMG, the blockchain. Visit https://omg.omise.co/ for that. ⚠️


GoDoc Build Status Omise Forum

Omise is a payment service provider currently operating in Thailand. Omise provides a set of clean APIs that helps merchants of any size accept credit cards online.

This library offers GO integration to the Omise API.

Install with:

go get github.com/omise/omise-go


Card data should never transit through your server. This library provides means to create tokens on the server side but should only be used for testing or only if you currently have a valid PCI-DSS Attestation of Compliance (AoC) delivered by a certified QSA Auditor.

Instead we recommend that you follow our guide on how to safely collect credit information.


See godoc.org in tandem with the Omise API Documentation for usage instruction.


package main

import (


const (
    // Read these from environment variables or configuration files!
    OmisePublicKey = "pkey_test_521w1g1t7w4x4rd22z0"
    OmiseSecretKey = "skey_test_521w1g1t6yh7sx4pu8n"

func main() {
    client, e := omise.NewClient(OmisePublicKey, OmiseSecretKey)
    if e != nil {

    // Creates a token from a test card.
    token, createToken := &omise.Token{}, &operations.CreateToken{
        Name:            "OMISE-GO Test Card",
        Number:          "4242424242424242",
        ExpirationMonth: 12,
        ExpirationYear:  2018,
    if e := client.Do(token, createToken); e != nil {

    // Creates a charge from the token
    charge, createCharge := &omise.Charge{}, &operations.CreateCharge{
        Amount:   100000, // ฿ 1,000.00
        Currency: "thb",
        Card:     token.ID,
    if e := client.Do(charge, createCharge); e != nil {

    log.Printf("charge: %s  amount: %s %d\n", charge.ID, charge.Currency, charge.Amount)


You can choose which API version to use with Omise. Each new API version has new features and might not be compatible with previous versions. You can change the default version by visiting your Omise Dashboard.

The version configured here will have higher priority than the version set in your Omise account. This is useful if you have multiple environments with different API versions for testing. (e.g. Development on the latest version but production is on an older version).

client.APIVersion = "2015-11-06"

It is highly recommended to set this version to the current version you're using. You can learn more about this feature in our versioning guide.


See LICENSE file.

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