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About PackCoin

pakcoin (PAK)

pakcoin (PAK)

Pakcoin is a cryptocurrency focused primarily on Pakistanis. Pakcoin’s goal is to bring cryptocurrency usage into real lives in manner as easy as possible for a common man.


What benefits does accepting Pakcoin payments?

Pakcoin acceptance is much cheaper than anything else. Pakcoin network doesn’t charge any extra cost from merchants and it has negligible transaction costs (upto 0.2 PAK)

Is PakCoin Legal?

It depends on your local laws, check if your government approves bitcoin & cryptocurrencies as a legal asset class. Pakistan has neutral stance on cryptocurrencies yet.

Can PakCoin be used in ilegal activities ?

Yes, nobody can stop anyone for using it in any manner as it is decentralized but pakcoin transactions can be traced which is not desirable by bad actors.

Can PakCoin be regulated?

Yes, it can be regulated in terms specific to the entities dealing with Pakcoin such as tax returns filing on companies dealing with Pakcoins.

Pakcoin is the Digital Currency for Pakistani People. You are most welcome regardless of your nationality if you have interest in Pakcoin. It is based on Litecoin scrypt hash algo.

I am glad to release the first stable release of Pakcoin Wallets, Linux and Windows, after testing it thoroughly on different systems. Mac Wallet will be released soon.

Official name: Pakcoin
Symbol: PAK

Pakcoin Features:

Total Coins: 182 Million
Block Time: 1 Minute
Block Reward: 50 PAK
Reward Halving: Every 3 years
Difficulty Retarget: 1 block (gravity well algo)
Maturity time of new coins: 50 blocks
Transaction fee: Very negligible, upto 0.01 PAK depending on Transaction amount / size
P2p Port: 7867
RPC Port: 7866
Pre-mined: 10 % for Air drop and development purposes


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