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About quatloo

Quatloo (QTL)

Quatloo (QTL)

Quatloo was a monetary unit on the planet Triskelion which was used by the planet’s Providers to bet on thrallcompetitions. (TOS: “The Gamesters of Triskelion“)

Algorithm : Scrypt
Coins per block :17.01
Max coins :100000000
Block time : 2.25 minutes
Difficulty retarget : DarkGravityWave v3
New mint maturity : 90 confirms
Ports : RPC-17011 P2P – 17012

Come on!  You know its about time there be Quatloos!  This is NOT a half-hearted coin release! We are serious about this coin and will support it.  It will be a proper cryptocurrency network with dns seed nodes and hard-coded nodes.  We encourage the community to participate in all ways, including submission of ideas, suggestions, and graphics for the coin before its release.  Everything has already been built, the source and the wallet apps for windows (Mac will be supported as well).  However we’d like to see ideas for the graphics that may be better!  There will be a very small premine  (less than 1%  …  0.8505%) so we can support the coin and offer bounties. We also welcome inquiries from developers who may wish to join our efforts in the future of this coin.

Products you can get with Quatloos : 
The revolutionary ‘Conditional Freeware’ , Quatloo Trader!
API Trading Software for trading all altcoins on Bittrex, Cryptsy, and Poloniex.

The miner of block 1701 will receive 1701 QTL  — Enterprise’s NCC number
The miner of block 1974 will receive 1701 QTL  — Constellation’s NCC number
The miner of the block 2063 will receive 1701 QTL  — Zefram Cochrane block, birth of warp drive.
The miner of the block 2233 will receive 1701 QTL  — James T. Kirk’s birthyear
The miner of block 3211 will receive 1701 QTL  — Stardate of the “The Gamesters of Triskelion”

There will also be generous bounties to those who perform or create services and/or attention to Quatloos and can show proof of being the responsible person.

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