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About Worldcoin


Worldcoin is a second generation digital currency secured by cryptography. As a descendant of Bitcoin it shares many similarities but is more advanced and business friendly. Our major goal is to become the cryptocurrency of choice for merchants and consumers during their everyday transactions, whether it be a cup of coffee or bigger ticket items. Worldcoins’ speed and security makes all of this possible. Transactions are fully confirmed in about 60 seconds.

Transfer money to your friends and family instantly with just a few clicks. Worldcoin is also based on sound money principals which makes it the smart choice for wealth preservation. It is designed to appreciate in value over time, unlike paper currency. This is due to the fact that only 265 million coins will ever be produced. These advantages are what makes us the leading choice for users.
WorldCoin can be used anywhere around the world. You may buy or sell WorldCoins by using your choice of several different online exchanges or physical WorldCoin ATM machines. Sending and receiving payments is as simple as using email. Funds will be transferred over the internet within a few seconds to anywhere in the world. Funds are transferred directly between the users without using third party institutions, such as banks or other financial organizations. For this reason, the transaction fees are only a fraction compared to other payment options.

When you are sending payments by WorldCoin, you can decide how much information you want to reveal about yourself. This makes using it more secure against identity theft compared to traditional payment methods. WorldCoin Business Center is all-in-one solution that gives you full control over your digital wealth and helps you to keep your finances organized.

WorldCoinIndex is cryptocurrency source with price information and news. We supply fast and reliable price information.

We have listed over 400 cryptocurrencies and our platform is connected to more than 35 cryptocurrency exchanges.
All prices are denoted in BTC and in 13 fiat currencies: USD, EUR, CNY, GBP, RUB, CAD, JPY, HKD, BRL, IDR, AUD, KRW, INR, TRY and ZAR.

In addition to price information our platform also supports quick access to key information of individual cryptocurrency like their website, block explorer, forum, twitter and reddit feeds.

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